Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment at The Way Health & Spine

Our shoulders often go unnoticed until they start causing discomfort. When shoulder pain strikes, many seek out the finest chiropractic care. Given that we constantly utilize our shoulders to lift, extend our arms, carry, wave, and perform a multitude of other actions, it’s no surprise that the shoulder, the body’s most mobile joint, is susceptible to a broad array of injuries and conditions.

Neglected shoulder issues can lead to enduring, incapacitating challenges. To ensure lasting relief and effectively address shoulder joint concerns, identifying the root cause of shoulder pain is crucial. This article elucidates some common sources of shoulder discomfort and highlights how chiropractic care can facilitate the restoration of functional shoulder health.

The origins of shoulder pain seem limitless, yet let’s delve into some prevalent culprits behind shoulder discomfort. Shoulder pain may arise from conditions such as:

  • Tightness in the neck and upper back
  • Spinal misalignments
  • Arthritis
  • Irregular movement patterns
  • Athletic injuries and vehicular accidents

Although a few factors on this list might signify localized shoulder joint inflammation, many of them suggest the spine as the likely origin of the pain. The nerves governing the shoulder stem from the spine. When the vertebrae encompassing the neck and upper back are compressed or injured, these nerves en route to the shoulder can become irritated, inducing pain. Even a minor spinal misalignment can disturb communication between the nerves and the shoulder, initiating a chain of problems. Thus, what might appear as shoulder pain could potentially be referred pain stemming from the spinal column.

woman with shoulder pain

Indicators of Shoulder Injury

Due to the diverse range of triggering factors, shoulder pain and irregular joint movement can manifest gradually or suddenly. Sometimes, symptoms of a shoulder injury are subtle, yet even these can escalate into significant issues. Since the shoulder joint is integral to the vast majority of our daily activities, all shoulder-related symptoms warrant vigilant monitoring and swift treatment to prevent further deterioration. Symptoms warranting immediate assessment of the shoulder complex encompass:

  • Shoulder pain persisting beyond a week
  • Recurrent episodes of shoulder pain
  • Difficulty raising the arm above the head
  • Pain or difficulty when carrying objects
  • Evening exacerbation of shoulder joint pain
  • Visible signs of joint damage, like swelling or bruising
  • Peculiar clicking or snapping sensations during joint movement

Chiropractic Solutions for Shoulder Pain

Chiropractic care offers a gentle, non-invasive alternative to medication and surgery, delivering rapid and effective outcomes. The Way Health & Spine possess the expertise to address spinal and shoulder complex issues contributing to shoulder pain. Initiating a chiropractic treatment involves a comprehensive assessment process, utilizing your medical history and advanced imaging techniques to ascertain the cause of your shoulder pain. Once an accurate diagnosis is attained, a personalized treatment plan is devised to expedite your recovery.

If you’re experiencing chronic shoulder pain, reach out to us at The Way Health & Spine in Newport Beach today.

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