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If you are struggling with persistent back discomfort and chronic pain, considering chiropractic care at The Way Health & Spine in Newport Beach could prove to be a valuable avenue for treatment. A significant portion of the population will encounter various forms of back pain, ranging from a mere annoyance to a considerably debilitating condition, during their lifetime. No matter what  the intensity of your pain is, whether it is a recent development or a lingering issue, the desire for relief is likely paramount. In the most severe scenarios, the prospect of enduring ongoing discomfort can significantly impede daily life. The information offered below aims to offer insights into the underlying causes of lower back pain and explain how chiropractic interventions can facilitate enduring back health, thus enabling you to enjoy activities like outings with friends and family or daily walks with your dog.

The term ‘back’ encompasses a broad expanse of the body, comprised of tendons, ligaments, discs, muscles, and bones. A comprehensive understanding of these distinct components is imperative for effectively pinpointing and addressing the root of discomfort and pain. Presented here are some of the prevalent issues associated with the back and their distinctive features. Additionally, we make clear how chiropractic medicine can be instrumental in alleviating these concerns. This exposition serves as a foundational guide to aid you in your pursuit of successful treatment. However, we strongly advocate seeking a professional assessment to accurately diagnose these conditions.

Disc bulges and herniations indicate conditions in which the outer perimeters of the intervertebral discs, situated between the vertebrae, incur damage. This impairment leads to the protrusion or displacement of the gel-like core. Although surprisingly widespread, this ailment is not always accompanied by intense pain; many individuals affected may experience no discomfort whatsoever. The severity and nature of pain experienced, for those who do, hinge on the specific type and location of the herniation. When a damaged disc irritates adjacent nerves, it often results in severe shooting or stabbing pain, along with leg weakness.

Timely and accurate identification of this issue is paramount to prevent the condition and pain from getting worse. Here at The Way, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your back to assess the extent of the concern and get to the root of the issue therefor preventing further deterioration of the herniation and help alleviate the pain.

Subluxation, a medical term defining vertebral misalignment, can stem from a diverse range of causes including physical stress, trauma, and exposure to toxins. Often accompanied by discomfort, subluxations can disrupt normal bodily movement. Regrettably, they are frequently disregarded as potential contributors to back pain. Chiropractors possess the expertise to identify and rectify these misalignments through non-invasive adjustment techniques.

Strains and sprains are typically caused by tasks that strain the body or accidents that disrupt its accustomed state. Engaging in activities that involve lifting while twisting or stretching beyond limits are common triggers for back strains and sprains. These instances can bring about acute discomfort, often accompanied by localized swelling and bruising. Strains and sprains often involve alterations in spinal alignment and typically respond well to chiropractic interventions.

Prolonged stress has far-reaching ramifications for the body and can eventually culminate in hypertension and chronic back pain. The emergence of back pain in these circumstances is a consequence of tension-induced muscle spasms that accompany the release of stress hormones. These taut areas, termed trigger points, can generate profound pain and necessitate professional intervention for resolution. Chiropractors are proficient in alleviating stress originating from trigger points, and they address underlying imbalances within the nervous system that may perpetuate patterns of stress and pain.

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