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The shoulder and hip joints rank among the body’s most mobile and frequently engaged joints. They also tend to be common sites of discomfort and injury for many individuals visiting our Newport Beach neuropathy and chiropractic clinic. Whether arising from overuse or sports-related incidents, the causes are diverse, and the outcomes span from mild unease to complete immobility. This information, presented by The Way Health & Spine, delves into prevalent factors contributing to shoulder and leg pain, alongside insights into how chiropractic adjustments can help alleviate it.

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Determining the precise origin of arm or leg pain can be challenging without professional assessment. When an explicit injury is apparent, such as straining a joint due to repetitive motions at work, experiencing a shoulder dislocation while engaged in sports, or compressing a nerve through uncomfortable sleeping positions, the immediate cause of your pain may be evident. Nonetheless, when discomfort in the arms or legs manifests gradually over time without any discernible injury or accident, or when pain stemming from an injury evolves into chronic agony with baffling origins, a comprehensive assessment becomes essential to identify the root cause.

A gamut of potential sources for the pain exists, including bursitis, arthritis, and tendinitis. However, the predominant culprit behind persistent arm and leg pain is the misalignment (subluxation) of the vertebrae in the neck and lower back. If vertebrae or discs shift out of place, causing narrowing of the spaces through which nerves exit the spine, irritation can set in, resulting in pain traveling along the nerve’s entire pathway. It often surprises patients to discover that nerves extend from the spine to the very tips of their fingers and toes.

Consequently, spinal vertebrae injuries can generate pain sensations anywhere along the expanse of the arms and legs. The pain patterns associated with conditions like sciatica, which radiates from the hip down to the foot, exemplify this mechanism.

Chiropractic Approach to Arm and Leg Pain

Given the intricacies of joint structures and the multitude of potential causes for arm or leg discomfort, a professional evaluation is imperative to pinpoint the source. Through a combination of comprehensive medical history analysis, physical examination, and advanced imaging techniques, a chiropractor gains an encompassing perspective to uncover the underlying cause of your pain.

Employing non-invasive and meticulously applied adjustments, chiropractors aid the body in delicately restoring vertebrae to their proper positions, offering both immediate relief and sustainable results.

If you’re struggling with arm or leg pain, don’t allow it to escalate to unbearable levels—initiate a consultation with us at The Way Health & Spine in Newport Beach today.

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